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Golden Beaches...Without Leaving the UK

Golden Beaches...Without Leaving the UK

When many of us imagine the perfect holiday, we think of golden beaches, iconic attractions and breathtaking scenery, but achieving all these doesn't have to mean travelling to far and exotic locations. Visitors have been drawn to the area of Cornwall for years for these exact reasons.

In fact, Cornwall attracts around 4 million visitors a year and if you ever get the opportunity to experience the area's stunning natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere, it's easy to see the appeal. One of the reasons Cornwall attracts so many visitors is that it has something for everyone with its wide range of accommodation options and tourist sites.

The area caters for well for families and couples alike. Cornwall's natural surf makes it perfect for watersports while its rich history means there's an abundance of monuments and historical sites to explore. If you enjoy the great outdoors you can stay in one of Cornwall's many camp sites to really experience the scenery first hand. Rest assured, you won't be stuck for things to do.

Alternatively, if you prefer a little more comfort in your accommodation you might want to take a look at some of the lodges Cornwall has to offer. These often include spacious living areas and modern appliances to give a more homely feel.

Of course, your trip to Cornwall wouldn't be complete without sampling the area's famous cream teas and Cornish pasties. It's safe to say that once you have experienced the charm and beauty of Cornwall, it's no surprise that its visitors are drawn back year after year.