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The Secret to Perfect Family Holidays

The Secret to Perfect Family Holidays

Despite our best attempts to prepare sufficiently, going on holiday is always likely to have its stressful moments. This is especially true when you've got children to take care of. If this is the case, the stressful moments even risk becoming the overwhelming memory of the holiday.

Thankfully, there are holiday providers out there that offer family-focused trips abroad. They can do the worrying, the organising and the entertaining for you, so you can actually relax and enjoy your break.

Options for young children

'Club Med Baby Welcome' resorts are a fantastic option for families that want to bring their extremely young children away with them but may be worried about the challenges this can present. These resorts, as well as providing a friendly atmosphere, offer facilities for your baby's mealtimes, nappy changing and even childcare services.

Resorts with Baby Welcome services include, but are not limited to, Cervina, Italy; Bintan Island, Indonesia; Agadir, Morocco and the Serre-Chevalier ski-resort in France. All of these varied destinations cater to your own and your baby's needs. For example, their restaurants all have a ‘Baby Corner' which offers baby food and preparation facilities.

Prams are also available on request and the Pyjamas Club can look after babies who are older than four months to give you an evening to yourselves.

Consider the issue of accommodation

One option that Club Med offers families is accommodation that allows them to recreate the atmosphere of being in their own home. A chalet apartment in their ski destinations, for example, allows a family to socialise as an isolated unit as they might in their own property.

Alternatively, those with older children, who are keen to enjoy some independence, can stay in separate accommodation with adjoining doors.

Another way in which Club Med provides your family with a great holiday experience is with its Kid's clubs and teen activities (teens tend to be too cynical to join a club). These options can give your children safe, fun and educational experiences.

They offer the chance for skiing, swimming, scuba diving and sailing at many of the different Club Med destinations. Likewise, if you've had enough of a rest, parents can join in with similar family activities that encourage bonding as well as fun and excitement.

If the children are having fun what can the parents get up to?

For a start, Club Med Spas are a great way for parents to unwind. At one of their ski resorts, parents can enjoy the strange sensation of a hot stone massage whilst gazing out of the window as snow falls on the picturesque landscape.

On a beach break they could enjoy a book in the shade of a palm tree, or they could play 18 holes on the resort's private golf course. The possibilities really are endless!

Club Med is a great example of a holiday provider that caters to the needs of families effectively. As well as utilising common sense in the facilities they make available, Club Med go above and beyond the normal parameters to keep kids as of all ages entertained.