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Top Five Things to do in London for Halloween

Top Five Things to do in London for Halloween

London is notorious for its gruesome history. Whether it be the Tower of London or finding more about the old London underbelly, Aussie tourists have always been keen to discover her deep, dark secrets, visit spooky buildings and retrace the steps of former kings and queens.

Here are five timeless attractions that are sure to get your spine tingling and your teeth chattering this Halloween.

The Tower of London

Gather your nerves and explore the spiral staircases and creepy corridors of The Tower of London – a formidable fortress not to be missed. Visit the White Tower designed to install fear into the unruly citizens of London and visit Tower Green where Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey met a grisly end. Discover what might happen if the resident ravens ever leave and hear the chilling story of the young princes who mysteriously disappeared around 1483.

The Clink Prison Museum

Test your nerves by visiting The Clink Prison Museum, one of the most chilling attractions in the city. Built on the original site of the Clink Prison (which dates back to 1144), this spooky building gives a knee-knocking insight into London's petrifying past and displays original artifacts that will get your heat racing. Handle torture devices (if you dare), hear the amazing stories of notorious inmates and learn all about Bankside – a hotbed of vice throughout the years. There have been reports of bumps in the night (and day), so enter with caution and prepare for an adventure to remember.

The London Dungeons

Brave a trip to The London Dungeons and experience 1,000 years of chills, thrills and gore (but beware, it's pretty scary). Meander down the dark corridors and watch out for the mysterious figures lurking in the dark as you hear tails of deadly deeds and deceit. Watch out for Bloody Mary who thrives on punishment and persecution and find out more about the Great Plague. Escape the Fire of London sweeping through the city and even enter the Torture Chamber – if you dare. Buy a family train ticket to London and enjoy a fun-packed weekend of horrible history.

The London Bridge Experience

Experience what London Bridge was like throughout the ages and expect plenty of scares along the way. Come face-to-face with Romans, Viking and the odd pick-pocket before punishing the criminals of London. Don a sword and shield to protect your loved ones and battle angry intruders trying to take over the city. The London Bridge Experience is an interactive day out and is a Halloween destination like no other – so why not check it out? Throw yourself into the action, but remember to brace yourself for anything you might see.

The London Tombs

Are you brave enough to enter The London Tombs – a former plague pit that will get your heart pounding? If the answer's yes, navigate through the dark, maneuver past blood-soaked walls and watch out for ghosts and ghouls along the way. Keep a look out for hairy spiders, slimy snakes and many other horrors and try to make your way through the maze of terror without disrupting the dead. Experience the darker side of London and scare yourself silly in the capital.

London's an ideal place for Halloween lovers, so why not reveal the city's turbulent past?