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The Top 5 Things to Do at London Cocktail Week

The Top 5 Things to Do at London Cocktail Week

I know you love a good cocktail; who doesnít? I know we do! Thatís why we recommend heading on down to London Cocktail Week if you get the opportunity. If you enjoy a little sip on a mojito, a Long Island ice tea or a cosmopolitan, then read on to find out our top five things to see and do at London Cocktail Week.

1. The Whiskey Exchange - Taking place at Vinopolis on Monday 7th October, The Whiskey Exchange Show is a great opportunity to try out over 80 varieties of whisky. This is perfect for those of you looking to create your own cocktail masterpieces at home as you can pick up some much needed ingredients here.

2. Sailor Jerry Backyard Bar - I love rum and Iím sure thereís a few of you that do too. The Sailor Jerry Backyard Bar will be giving out samples of their famous spiced rum at their backyard lemonade stall from Tuesday 8th until Thursday 9th October, outside Les Nereides on Monmouth Street.

3. East vs. West Bartending - Tree Mao is one of Chinaís top bartenders and is a pioneer of a Chinese style of bartending combining Japanese and Western techniques. He is running a masterclass and tasting event on Tuesday 8th October at The Hide Bar and this is the perfect opportunity to learn about a variety of bartending skills.

4. Monkey Shoulder DIY Drinks Kitchen - If youíd like the opportunity to try bartending for yourself, then head down to the Monkey Shoulder DIY Drinks Kitchen. The event is being held at Monkey Shoulder on Monmouth Street, everyday from 12:00PM until 9:00PM.

5. Fever Tree Botanical Bicycle - If you like your drinks all-natural, then head down to the Fever Tree Botanical Bicycle on Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th October, outside Albam on Monmouth Street. Youíll get the opportunity to sample a range of their botanical cocktails using all-natural ingredients.

London Cocktail Week 2013 begins on Monday 7th October and is taking place at a number of locations around the city. Donít miss this opportunity to enjoy some of the finest cocktails at some truly amazing venues.