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In and Around Benidorm

In and Around Benidorm

Benidorm: it's known as that tacky holiday destination where Brits to take a week or two off, sleeping the days away under the burning sun and partying the night away in the myriad bars and clubs. Despite that reputation, there are still some beautiful and interesting areas not only outside the town, but also within it. If you're heading to Benidorm, you should try to take some time to explore these areas as well as lazing on the beach and around the pool.

Although the majority of the town will be crowded with families and people young and old having fun in the sun, one area of Benidorm that still holds on to a bit of that authentic Spanish charm is the Old Town. The hotels located there aren't of the skyscraper type; they're smaller, more friendly and there are even a few boutique in style. You don't need to have stacks of money to afford to stay at one of these though, the Oasis Plaza Hotel offers facilities for children, rooftop swimming and great food at a fraction of the price – and it's situated in the Old Town. If you're staying in that area, make sure to wander the cobbled, winding streets and take in the white washed houses that are reminiscent of the Moorish mountain villages.

Sometimes though it's best to get yourself out of the tourist towns to see what lies just beyond. This is usually where the locals spend their time. Not far from Benidorm up into the mountains, you'll discover that Benidorm is littered with the tiny authentic villages from which the Old Town of Benidorm takes its inspiration. Guadalest is one of the most popular to visit with buildings that are over 400 years old and tunnels through the mountain rock that lead to the oldest part of the village and its castle.

Whether or not you choose to visit one of these villages, you can't fail to miss the spectacular views down from the mountains to the sparkling waters of the Costa Blanca. If you're getting a bit fed up of the waters of the pool and the beach, take a trip to the Algar waterfalls not far inland from Benidorm. Most holiday companies will put on organised day trips to the falls, and if not, there are plenty of places in town that will offer a trip at a decent rate. Shaded by trees, the river has several small waterfalls and natural pools in which you are allowed to take a dip. This is perfect when you've had enough of the sun and just want to cool down. You can wander the well-kept paths around the waterfalls and there are even a couple of museums on site if you want to spend a little bit of time doing something different.