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5 Things Glasgow Has That London Lacks

5 Things Glasgow Has That London Lacks

Photo available courtesy of Robert Brown.

Whether you're comparing Glasgow to London for work, school or a holiday, these two cities are poles apart in many ways. Many people revere Glasgow as the superior choice between the two for very specific reasons.

Let's take a look at 5 things Glasgow has that London lacks.

1. Friendly locals

It's no secret that Londoners are known for their typical "stiff upper lip" attitude, described by many as standoffish. By comparison, Glaswegians are friendly as a general rule and are even happy to go out of their way to assist a stranger.

If you long for random conversations at bus stops, a friendly chat with the barista or a newfound friendship with your hairdresser, you should choose Glasgow over London. A Glaswegian, you might say, is simply a friend you've not yet met.

2. Low cost of living

Everyone knows that it's expensive to live in London. By this standard, you may have assumed it's expensive to live in any city. However, there are some major differences between London and Glasgow when it comes to the cost of living.

Everything from meals out and food shopping to cinema tickets and gym memberships are significantly cheaper in Glasgow than they are in London. And it costs exorbitantly more to both rent and own in London than in Glasgow.

3. Escape from tourists

London is rife with tourists all year round and its worst in the summer. From parks to museums and restaurants to pubs, if you want a city that isn't crawling with tourists, Glasgow is by far the better choice.

Glasgow boasts several large country parks, dozens of museums, theatres and cinemas, and of course a myriad of restaurants and pubs, all of which are less likely to be jam-packed with tourists than their counterparts in London. Take advantage of the peace in one of the boutique hotels in Glasgow like Hotel du Vin, which feels more like a "home away from home" than tourist accommodation.

4. Flavourful Scottish food

Even if you're a Londoner born and bred, you'll probably admit that English food is not known for its flavour. Scottish food, on the other hand, boasts a more adventurous, flavourful cuisine.

From spicy haggis and smoked salmon to freshly baked Scottish oatcakes and sugary Cranachan, Scotland definitely knows how to outdo London when it comes to food.

5. Simple transportation

Even Londoners themselves can find the Tube a bit complicated at times, especially when there are repairs being done. Navigating public transportation in Glasgow, on the other hand, couldn't be simpler. The Subway has two lines, travelling clockwise and anti-clockwise around a single circular route. Simple.

And never mind timetables and maps, if you get lost, just ask a native. Glaswegians are usually more than happy to help newcomers to find their way around the city.

These are just a few of the things that make Glasgow an attractive choice over London. You're bound to discover many more reasons for yourself.